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Opel FlexCare



A collection of extended warranty and service plans to match

the way you drive.

Protect yourself from the unexpected


Spread the cost over monthly payments, with no surprises


Tailor your FlexCare plan to your needs


Benefit from Opel Parts and the unique expertise of our network

Extended warranty, a clearer road ahead

"For me, it’s all about protecting myself from the unexpected.”


Extended care premium

Extended warranty (i) Extra coverage for your vehicle after the factory warranty has expired that covers all manufacturing defects due to failure on mechanical, electrical and electronical components, for the duration and km range of your Opel FlexCare plan - Purchasable within the first 24 months after vehicle registration -   + Opel Assistance (i) Roadside assistance or towing 24/7, without mileage deductible, in more than 49 countries. In case of mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown or tyre puncture.  

Service plans with no surprises

"For me, it’s about spreading the cost of my services with fixed monthly payments."


Service care plus

Scheduled maintenance + Opel Assistance (i) Roadside assistance or towing 24/7, without mileage deductible, in more than 49 countries. In case of mechanical, electrical or electronic breakdown or tyre puncture. 


Packages, the complete offer

"For us, it’s about all-in-one hassle-free service."


Complete Care

Extended warranty + Scheduled Maintenance + Opel Assistance (i) Energy shortage - if your battery lacks power we can recharge on site where permitted &/or towing to the charging station you desire within 80km or the one nearest within that range. Your Opel FlexCare plan includes 2 towings a year with no extra charge. 

Complete Care Plus

Complete Care + Wear items (i) Replacement of parts subject to wear (brake pads, shock absorbers, fuses, wiper blades....) for normal conditions of use of the vehicle.   + MOT (i)   + Courtesy car (i) Your are guaranteed a replacement vehicle for 1 day for each routine service. 


"For me, it’s about a tailored-made service to match my needs.”


  • Tyres (i) This service repairs your tyres in case of puncture or replaces the entire set or single summer, all season or winter tyre(s) - including dismounting, assembly, balancing & replace of values in case of failures.  
  • Replacement vehicle (i) In case of theft, fire and accident we can guarantee you a replacement vehicle to cover the period you are without a vehicle.   
  • Mobility solutions (i) several solutions adapted to each situation to remain mobile.  
  • Disinfection (i) Manual disinfection operation covering 38 interior/exterior contact points + cabin filter change.  
  • Severe servicing schedule (i) Additional service required for customers with intensive use of their vehicle.  
  • Pick up & Delivery (i) If your vehicle requires a repair/service you can choose the location and we will pick up vehicle and & deliver it back to you afterwards.   
  • Oil & Filter  (i)   

What's included

Extended Care Premium
Service Care Plus
Complete Care
Complete Care Plus
Extended warranty
Scheduled Maintenance
Opel Assistance
Wear Items
Courtesy Car
You may tailor those plans with additional coverages

Why choose a Opel FlexCare extended warranty and/or service plan - service contract - for my car?

A service plan - or maintenance plan - doesn't just help you spread the maintenance costs of your Opel, but also gives you valuable additional services to make life with your vehicle easier. The best solution is to buy your service plan as you buy your car so you can protect your car right from the start. If you didn't purchase your service plan when you purchased your car, you can still subscribe to a service plan any time before your first regular service (11 months after delivery).

An extended warranty, on the other hand, lets you extend the manufacturer warranty beyond its standard duration, allowing you to benefit from the same vehicle protection as the original manufacturer warranty for up to three more years. You can subscribe to an extended warranty contract any time before the expiry of the original manufacturer warranty.